Cindy Quarles is passionate about the amazing message that has come to the world in the person of Jesus Christ, and loves to write and teach that message. Cindy is President and Founder of Unveiled Love Ministries. She and Will, her husband of 42 years, reside in the Chicago, IL area. They have two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law, and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

What Others are Saying

Nichole Marbach
It is an honor for me to recommend and endorse Cindy Quarles as a person, as well as her ministry, Unveiled Love Ministries. I have known Cindy for almost three years now and can honestly say that she is a solid woman of integrity and excellence. She was a speaker at the Grace Immersion Conference I hosted last year in Chicago and I joyfully invited her to be a speaker again this year as I was a witness of God using her ministry powerfully to transform and change lives. I highly recommend Cindy to come and minister at your church, conference, or event because people will be set free with the love of God and the truth that Cindy so wonderfully brings forth from her teaching gift. Cindy unveils the loving heart of the Father in a unique way that will set people free to walk into their God-given destiny.
Jen Bantner
Cindy Quarles has been graced and appointed to be a teacher to this generation.  She has a passion to see the Word of God taught in its correct context by provoking truth through her in-depth studies. Cindy is like a mine full of Holy Spirit inspired revelation waiting to be released wherever she goes to bring truth to the body of Christ to help them to come out of centuries of being misled by false doctrines. Cindy truly has a revelation of the love of the Father and having relationship with all of the Trinity – Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. She truly does paint a beautiful picture with her words in what it looks like and can be like so all of humanity would desire to come into this intimate and loving relationship by truly knowing what it means to be a child of God.
John Blig
I have had the privilege to know Cindy and Will Quarles since 2006 when I started attending Charis Bible College Chicago. It was such a blessing to know them and see The Lord Jesus modeled through their life, their character and their ministry. My wife and I became close friends with Cindy and Will and had the opportunity to see them minister in Chicago as well as in San Antonio at Oasis of Light church. The revelation and understanding they have from the Word blessed so many people unlocked so many destinies and brought restoration so many who had the honor to be in their presence and be ministered to by these amazingly gifted people. Listening to Cindy teach you will receive more than just a deep revelation from the Word, you will receive an impartation of their character and gifting as well. It is with great honor that I recommend Cindy and Will Quarles to anyone and any ministry that wants to receive insight and revelation from the Lord through their life and ministry.